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“I’ve just recently turned 34 and I’m feeling like I should be dressing differently than I did in my twenties. Lots of my friend’s styles have changed and I even find myself analysing if something is ‘too young for me’. I still want to dress attractively and I don’t want to look ‘mumsy’.

Any suggestions?”

An anonymous question Sent in via Facebook

In our lives our style evolves many times. This can be due to many reasons. Most commonly maturing, taking on new roles (such as parenthood or a business leader) or even self development. There reaches a point within all of us where we feel we have changed internally and there for we seek balance by wanting our external identity to mirror that.

I personally don't believe in putting people into boxes. Your personality, what you want to say about who you are and where your heading should be a representation of your own personal style. There are a few rules which I do find helpful when styling to follow if you're unsure when making a decision on buying/creating an outfit:

Skirts and Dresses
Not too short! I do believe that you can get away with shorter in your 20's if you feel confident to do so. Keeping them just on the knee or below is considered the most flattering and most professional.

Not too low! I think a peek of a cleavage can be sexy when going out. However I don't believe its appropriate for the workplace.

Not too tight! Avoid them super clingy and short shorts. Mid-way through the thighs and softly fitting is most flattering

No Exposed midriffs! Save your belly buttons for the beach!

If you want to steer clear of looking 'mumsy', I encourage that you really hone in on developing (if you already haven't) your own personal style. You'll look only look 'Mumsy' if you follow the 'Yummy Mummy' trends.

Start with taking all your favorite pieces out of your wardrobe and have a really good look at them. Ask yourself what it is about that piece that you love. Is the this fabric, the print, the fit, the details on the sleeve? You'll notice a pattern when you’re shopping of what you're naturally drawn too. Brain storm and take note of what you love and admire in outfits.

Then look at magazines, online lookbooks of your favorite stores and people watch. Take note of the different looks you like. Take all this info and begin to splice it together. Then go out and begin to try on whole outfits in shops. Take some of your own loved pieces to try with them. With time you will begin to form and create a style that you love!