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You are who you associate with


A life lesson I learnt when I was quite young from my father was to surround myself with people whom I aspire to be like. I took it to heart and moved through different groups of people through out my childhood and teens until I found people that made me feel like I was genuinely cared for and valued. 

Another thing I discovered that it's wise to be around people who embrace growing, learning and bettering themselves. We need people in our lives that support and believe in us. We also need them (even when it hurts) to respectfully tell us the truth for the benefit of our well being. "To be Clear is to be kind. To be unclear, is to be unkind." - Dave Ramsey 

Its natural and normal to outgrow people too. Although its hard, its ok to let people who can't help us move forward go. And it just as ok to be alone until you find the right ones. 
Ash x