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Faking happiness in the age of Instagram



A quick one from me today! We are up in Waiheke Island for a wedding at the moment and are fortunate to be surrounded by amazing scenery and sights
The day we arrived on the island we spotted a couple who were getting some picture perfect photos on the beautiful beach which I imagine were for social media. They spent about 30mins posing, trying different spots and angles all for the best shot. As soon as they finished they got their stuff and left. It made me feel a little sad as they didn’t take in their amazing surroundings and just enjoy it. 
With running my own social media pages for my business and personal it’s tempting to do the same. 
Do it for the gram right? 
But I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to miss out on all the amazing experiences and moments because I’ve got my head buried in my phone. So I made a decision to spend 10 mins snapping a few pictures here and there but I’ll worry about popping them up later. Time is so valuable and we don’t get these moments in glorious places with special people very often so I know what I’d rather be doing. 
Ash x

Ashleigh Graham