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Healing mental health with self care

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I haven't posted one of these in a while because I've honestly been finding it challenging to write these posts of late. Mainly due to the fact that I feel a bit like a hypocrite. I cant really say that I've had much self care in the last few weeks. Its been hard trying to cram it in to an already busy schedule, and I know I've been putting it further and further down my list of priorities. 

I guess what I wanted to share today is becoming aware of a lack of self care in your day to day life and how it creeps up on you.
Knowing when your feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Knowing why suddenly your pessimistic thoughts seem to be happening more frequently. Knowing when you feel like giving up on something you've been working so hard on. Knowing why you are craving crawling into your bed away from the world. Knowing why you are sick for the 3rd time this year. 
These things all are tell tale signs that you are needing some TLC, and when you've got a lot on your plate already it can be hard to think about adding another thing to your scheduled. I get it, I'm at that point myself.

But no matter how busy we are, we must try to create space for it. Its one of those things that if we put off and don't make it important it will hurt us in the long run. Mental illness, physical illnesses and diseases, relationship breakups, low self confidence and worth and many more are all long term effects of lack of self care. So we must do it for the sake of our own well being.

Last month I knew it was getting pretty bad for me because I couldn't even bring myself to write one of these. I decided to make myself a pie graph of my week to see where all my time was disappearing. Being a very visual minded person this was extremely helpful. I could see areas that I could reduce time on i.e social media (2 hours a day, eeek!) I also decided that I didn't have to cram all my meetings and social catch ups into 1 week. I could span them over the course of a month. I wrote a short list of all the things I need to do for self care and began working out where I could implement them during the week. For example eating in the park during my break instead of sitting on my phone inside. Listening to an uplifting podcast while doing my make up in the morning. Buying healthy snack balls to snack on instead of junk food, waking up half an hour earlier to go for a quick walk around the block before getting ready.

Ideally doing 1 hour of yoga daily, clean eating for every meal and mediating morning and night would be fantastic if it were more realistic for me right now haha. I figure even if its small it still counts because you are choosing to take time to value and care yourself.