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Why are we afraid of wearing Red?

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I absolutely love fashion. I’ve never really resisted wearing anything, so when I spied a beautiful red jersey at the beginning of the new season; it seemed strange to me that I was uncomfortable about the wearing the colour. The shade of red looked really good on me and the jersey it’s self was perfect for what I needed. So what was the problem?

After much debate and several weeks of thinking about it, I jumped out of my comfort zone and I bought it. I have worn it a few times and I love it! It makes me feel uplifted, sexy and surprisingly motivated. After such a positive response, I decided to psycho analyse myself as to why I had been so previously hesitant to wearing red in the past.

I found my reasons were the colour felt too powerful and intense to look at; and it intimidated me. Interestingly when I actually wore the colour I felt didn’t feel these emotions at all!


I work with men and women everyday and it’s interesting to see how many resist this colour too. Being a curious (and slightly nosey) person I decided to start questioning people when I saw them react negatively to trying it on. Some common responses were: “I don’t want to stand out or it’s too bright’’. After my own experience I now encourage people to try it on and see how they feel when they wear it. So many people don’t experience what they initially thought they would.

So why try wearing red? What are the benefits?

All colour’s have psychological benefits that can effect our mood and the mood of others around us.

Here’s where red can be beneficial to us:

·       The work place: red is high in energy and is symbolic of passion. It’s also powerful and ambitious.

·       Social events/ Dating: Wearing red is classic and elegant, you’ll turn heads as you walk into a room. It’s romantic and memorable, sure to make an impression!

·       On a dreary day: It’s a lovely colour to wear in winter and evenings as its warm and vibrant. Its very uplifting and a great mood booster for a grey day.

How does one even wear red?

I’d recommend firstly knowing which kinds of red are best suited to you. A colour analysis is a wonderful way to know if you suit warm or cool toned colours.

Secondly try wearing it in a small amount to begin with. For example a simple top, a pair of shoes, a red lipstick, a cute handbag or scarf. then as you grow more confident you can progress to statement items such as a jacket or dress.

lastly it’s good to know which colours work well with red

Neutrals that match with red: Navy, white, black, camel, charcoal.

Contrasting colours for a WOW: fushia, baby blue, purple, (avoid green unless its Christmas)

fun prints: Stripes, polka dots, and leopard print

So why not step out of your colour comfort zone and try something new?

Ashleigh Graham