Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist

Body Shape and Style Consultation


Body Shape & Style Consultation

From $245.00
2.5 hour (150 minute) in-depth consultation.

Let me help you build the foundation of your new look.

In this consultation we discover what flatters and compliments you, and being laying the foundation of an original fashion style based on your body type, personality, preferences and important features.

This consultation will also show you how to create outfits by taking advantage of your assets, and give you the knowledge of how to best utilise trends in fashion to your advantage.

I will help you learn about your body shape, and which key garment designs will enhance your look. Discover your own unique personal style based off your personality.

I will help you understand the power of illusion in dressing, figure out how to use proportion, patterns, texture and scale to create balance and harmony in your appearance.

Let’s find your authentic self and develop your authentic style together!


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