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Business Style & Personal Branding


How do you present yourself at work everyday? Does your wardrobe uplift you for the day?

Have you ever thought about how what you wear could be enhancing not only your self confidence but your business opportunities and target audience?

In this workshope we discuss:

- How to ensure that you are in control of the first impressions you are making by breaking down professional stereo- types with updating your professional image!

- Create a professional style for your business or career that reflects your personality. This will not only heighten your confidence but will also attract new opportunities and your target market.

- Learn about the importance of colour psychology in branding and personal presentation.

The next date for this workshop will be annouced in August 2019

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Moutique style night, Christchurch

Moutique style night, Christchurch

The Power Of colour


I will be running a work shop this month on the wonderful world of colour and how it can enhance your life in so many ways! Learn how to:
- Wear colour and how to mix and match.
- To use it successfully in business & marketing.
- It can affect your mood and others around you
- It can create a more relaxing or energetic environment in your home or office.

Official date and tickets will be released in the next few days so I'll keep you posted!


Style Evenings & Presentations

If you would like to do a style Evening for your business feel welcome to call upon me to host.