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What does a stylist do?

A Stylists work involves helping people from all walks of life create a personal style that reflects who they are and the direction they are heading towards in life. I teach people the 4 foundation style principals used to transform their style. These include Colour, Body Shape, Personal style and Shopping.

What kind of Stylist am I?

I am a Person Stylist. The Personal means I prefer to dress people to showcase their personality. I use fashion and the latest trends as tools to show people how to create outfits and how to style their look. I decided not to become a Fashion stylist because I believe that true style isn’t generic. I believe that if you dress a person head to toe in the latest fashion they may look amazing however might feel totally out of touch with themselves. The chances then are extremely high for the individual to go back to what they were previously wearing in the past. Ultimately your style must feel like the best version of YOU!

How do the consultations usually work?

My consultations usually take around 1-3 hours. Depending on the service, they can take place at my home studio, in a quiet coffee shop or I can come to you.

 I like to begin with a chat so I can get to know you a little better over a cup of coffee. We also talk about where you are at with your style and where you'd like to enhance or change it.

 Then onto the consultation where you can learn and discover how to transform your style allowing you to feel confident and in sync with your identity! I hope this creates a clear picture of what to expect, however if you have a question please flick me an email or message.

A colour analysis is a technique that involves draping specific coloured fabrics close to a person’s face to identify which colours compliment the persons natural complexion. The consultation will reveal if a person has a warm or cool skin tone as well as what strength of colour is best suited to them.

So why is it important to know you’re colours?  Most importantly good colours make a person look healthy and ‘glow’. Who doesn’t want to look vibrant? It’s also to good know about the colours which are unflattering. These can make a person look unwell or tired. Having this knowledge makes shopping very quick and easy. It will also be helpful when investing in long term pieces.

What is a Colour Anaylsis?

What are the benefits of a Body Shape consultation and how does it work?

Firstly I establish your body shape by looking at your overall figure. Every stylist uses different techniques to do this. I personally do not like measuring people so I use a simple balancing rod instead. The objective is to balance the body to create harmony; as this will look most pleasing to the eye. If a person would like to widen or narrow certain areas of the body, I will advise them on the best way to do so with knowledge of clothing design, clothing illusion and building outfits.

Understanding your body shape is extremely helpful knowledge! You will always feel confident because you will be choosing clothing that compliments your body to flatter it, not work against it. You will save oodles of time making decisions with clothes and save money in the long term.

What are the benefits of a personal style consultation?

Your personal Style is a very important, often under-rated part of who you are. It is an expression of your personality, culture, interests and goals. As we move through life we evolve on many levels; physically, spiritually and mentally. Its important that our outward identity (our style) matches what’s going on internally. We will not only feel more uplifted and balanced but we will begin to attract the people and opportunities that we are aligning with.

How often does a person need to get their colours done?

A person only really needs to get them done once in their life time. However it is a good idea to have a reveiw of your colours later in life when your hair changes to grey. As we mature into our golden years our hair, skin and eyes can change. The colours that once suited us may not look as good and others may look better than they once did! It’s always a good idea to have a review when you hit your mid 60’s.

Are all Stylists the same?

While all our work has a theme of dressing people, every stylist is different. Some stylists will dress their clients in their latest fashion trends and others are more focused on dressing their clients to their personality. Some Stylists are professionally trained and some are self taught. Some work with traditional styling techniques and others work with modern ones. Some teach colours and some don’t. Some work with both men and women and some just cater to women. Some have been in the industry for many years and some are new. All of these factors influence why stylists charge different rates.