Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist

Personal Colour Analysis

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Colour Analysis

From $175.00
1.5 hour (90 minute) consultation.

A Colour Analysis will provide you with the knowledge and skills to identify what colours best compliment your unique, natural complexion.

During this 90 minute session, I will help you simplify your shopping experience by teaching you everything you need to know about colour, and how to best apply this to your personal style.

I will help you pinpoint your true season, and whether you are warm or cool. I will teach you about your natural colouring, and find out what colours compliment and enhance your skin, hair and eyes and other features.

I will teach you about the intensity of your colouring and show you how to take advantage of colour and illusion to enhance your personal style. We will also explore how to best utilise neutral tones when constructing your look.

During your Personal Colour Analysis I will recommend ‘investment pieces’ — core items of clothing that are wardrobe must-haves for your colouring and season. I will also provide a customised, personal colour wheel for you to keep, that will assist you in finding your perfect palette when shopping in the future.


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