Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist

Shop with the Stylist


Shop with the Stylist

$100 Per Hour
This session time can vary

Feeling overwhelmed or totally lost when it comes to shopping?

Let me help you shop successfully and painlessly using a simple analytical approach (plus a few tips and tricks to make the experience smoother). Save time, money, and most of all — learn to actually enjoy your shopping experiences!

I will teach you how to shop effectively so you can save time and money. I will explain how to critique garments using a 4 principal guide. I will introduce you to a variety of stores that are best suited to your budget and personal style.

You’ll discover how to best take advantage of shop assistants instead of hiding from them, how to scan a shop quickly, when to excercise discipline and self control.

We will also explore the Wonderful World of Shoes — learn what to look for and how to co-ordinate the ultimate accessory of that is footwear.


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