Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist




I have been very blessed to have Ashleigh work with me when I was going through depression and anxiety. The anxiety caused me to lose 20kg when I wasn’t overweight to begin with. I went from a curvy 70kg down to a gaunt 50kg. Clothes shopping had always been a joy for me, but it became a pretty traumatic experience as even the smallest size of clothing hung off my body and made me feel so much worse. I could not look at my body in the mirror, and each time I ventured out of my house, I saw people staring at me.

Ashleigh did my colours awhile back so I reached out to her again to help me choose the kind of clothes that would make me feel just a little better on my journey back to my natural weight and size. Ashleigh’s natural gift for choosing the right styles and colours for me gave me the confidence to go shopping for new clothes. She provided me with clear guidelines as to what to look for and why. It all made perfect sense and straight away I started feeling a little better wearing what she had personally recommended for me.

Ashleigh shares her knowledge and experience with compassion and respect for whatever you are going through. She supports you in discovering who you really are and feeling confident in choosing the clothes to express that. She is an angel!
— Anonymous client
What an awesome experience! I booked the “Stand Apart From The Crowd” package with Ashleigh and had actually no idea what to expect. Ashleigh surprised me with her vast knowledge of colours, fashion and style and after an hour of theory, we went shopping together. Honestly, it took shopping to another level, because Ashleigh suggested new combinations and outfits to me always matching my taste and style. However, still pushing the boundaries in a very gentle way, for me to open up to new ideas. I highly recommend her service!
— Kritara Strunk, google
Ashleigh is a personal stylist who truly puts emphasis on the personal elements of her business. She is so passionate about empowering her customers through fashion. I have both watched Ashleigh work her magic in a professional fashion retail environment and have been lucky enough to experience her services on a personal level too. Ashleigh has worked with me on body shape and style, color analysis and personal shopping and I have always left her service experiences feeling empowered with the knowledge she has provided me. She has such an in-depth knowledge of fashion, trends and how the tailoring of clothes can work for different body types. Her advice has changed the way I shop, thanks to Ashleigh I now shop smarter and with more confidence!
— courtney collins, facebook
Recently had a styling session with Ash and I can confirm she IS the real deal. An absolute delight to work with and a genuine desire to help you express who you want to be with your style. Having never done one before, I didn’t know what to expect but she was patient, thorough and understanding. The end result? An outfit that left me feeling accomplished.
— André Allchin, facebook
I had no idea about my body shape, style and colours but with Ashleigh’s professional help she explained the theories behind them and what clothes suit me best. I am much more confident in my own style and shopping, knowing the clothes I am selecting will suit me best. Ashleigh’s colour assessment was interesting and very informative. I never realised how much of an impact colour has on our appearance. I highly recommend the both services as they compliment each other, making future shopping trips more efficient and enjoyable as you know exactly what to look out for that will suit your unique colouring and body shape. I cant recommend Ashleigh enough for her passion, knowledge and expertise, but also her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level to provide a service that is tailored and unique to you. Thank you Ashleigh!
— Paula du Plessis
I recently had a wardrobe session with Ash, with which we went through my wardrobe, which me being a 18 year old girl was a VERY BIG task. But afterwards it honestly made me feel so much more rounded with my own person style. During the session me and Ash narrowed down on what was my own personal styles due to the items in my wardrobe and what words I thought described my style. Through out the session I showed Ash a few items that I love but haven’t been about to work out how to wear them and couldn’t deal with departing with them as many of these items have memories attached, however Ash helped me create new ways of wearing theses items and since then I haven’t stopped wearing them! Ash’s well rounded knowledge of fashion and styling amazed me and her supportive words helped me build my self confidence to wear items that I tend to feel self conscious in. Ladies I would definitely recommend having a wardrobe session as soon as possible! Honestly it has made deciding what to wear and what to buy much easier!
— Izzy Green, facebook
Ashleigh Graham’s work is of outstanding quality. I am currently working on a new business project. Hence, a serious look at my wardrobe is a necessity. Ashleigh helped me establish which colours suit me best and which shapes of clothing were most flattering for my body type. She also explained to me how colours leave lasting impressions on clients. It does matter what you wear!

Consequently, as a mum of two, (one who has not been earth side for a mere 6 months) I am undoubtedly at a place where I often feel like I just don’t know what to wear - I now feel like I have a better understanding. I look forward to the fun shopping days ahead and hope that with her advice, the change room will become a bit friendlier.

Do yourself a favour and invest with Ashleigh. With her help, you are guaranteed to make more informed purchases, which will save you money and time AND you will feel good about what you are wearing.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Ashleigh. She is an absolutely lovely person, inside and out. Despite meeting over Facebook Messenger Video, her awesome personality made me feel immediately at ease in what could potentially be a very awkward situation.
— Kiri Taylor, facebook
I really enjoyed my Colour Analysis with Ashleigh! I found the process to be informative, interesting and super practical. Ashleigh’s customer service is fantastic, and her natural warmness and intelligence really put me at ease (especially as a guy trying to learn about style). Ashleigh’s Colour Analysis will take you through a gigantic variety of colours and materials, to help you understand which types of clothing will make you look your best. Once she has figured out your ‘season’, you are given a palette of colours to keep in mind with specific suggestions as to how to wear each one.

Ashleigh also provides visual examples of how other people within your colour grouping achieve awesome outfits. I was stoked to receive suggestions for specific stuff I should look into purchasing, as well as a cheat-sheet of colours to help me remember what to look out for (and make the shopping experience less painful).

Ashleigh does a fantastic job of working with you to figure out how to improve your style efficiently, and to ease away from wearing unflattering stuff. Awesome consultation, which I would highly recommend to anyone looking to up their style game or make future shopping experiences smoother!
— Thomas Barrer, Facebook
I had a style session with Ashleigh recently and it was amazing. Ashleigh took me through a 2 hour session and I have learnt so much. We chatted for around 30 mins and clicked straight away, She was very informative and she gave me some great information on my colours. She was positive and encouraging. We spent a wonderful 2 hours discussing styling and I received a booklet that I can refer to and a comprehensive styling report. This has helped me with my wardrobe choices and it has given me confidence to shop and dress with style.

I would definitely recommended Ashleigh for anyone who needs some help with styling.
— Helen Oakes, Facebook
Ash has definitely opened my eyes to what colours I can wear and incorporate in my wardrobe! I had a colour-matching session with her and had such a revolutionary experience. I am such a black/grey/white girl in my everyday life as it’s easy, comfortable, and never goes out of style. Now, I find myself noticing more colours, colours which I would have passed by without taking another look.

As a performing artist, we have to constantly audition and I constantly have trouble finding colours that make me stand out that isn’t your classic red - which EVERYONE is wearing! I definitely feel like I have more freedom and choice in clothing!

Honestly, do yourself a favour and invest in YOU; your confidence and expression of style.

Thanks Ash, you are an absolute star!
— Viana Hong Ta, Facebook